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    Explain the AF for the E-520

    I've read the E-520 has three different focus options - Imager AF, Standard, and Hybrid. I've read that the Imager AF is 11 point, but that it's only available in Live View and with only 3 lenses. Is this correct?

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    Re: Explain the AF for the E-520

    I don't use the 520 but I looked at the online manual. If you look in the finder you will see three focusing points. In standard mode the camera will grab what point it sees first of the three. When focus on that point is obtained the point will light up and you will hear the focus beep. But you can manually set which point you want the camera to use. Left, middle or right. I guess if you were shooting a flower and wanted to use the center focusing point for finer focus you can set it to do so. In live View you have 11 points and you can set which one of those points to use as well, while in live view mode, I read nothing indicating it will only work on certain lenes. I would think it would work on all of them though.
    The E3 has 11 focusing points and you can easily grab a point behind your subject if you are not careful. I have read issues with the E3 from other photogs but I just feel it is all growing pains getting use to using 11 points. I have to be careful when using the E3 and pay close attention to which point the camera is actually using.
    Refer to page 54 of the manual
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    Re: Explain the AF for the E-520

    Yes, it is only available with 3 lenses . One is the kit lens it comes with. The Imager AF is pretty useless in low light ( lots of hunting ). In daylight it focuses like a point and shoot, no flipping of the shutter. It's totally a 'contrast' AF. Again, it's good in daylight not low light. The hybrid AF is for use with the other Oly lenses like the 12-60 etc. The shutter does drop first, but it's still pretty fast. I just tried the AF Sensor mode with my 12-60 and it seems to function exactly the same as the Hybrid AF on my 520. I'll have to experiment more , or read the manual.
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