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Thread: EC 14 vs EC20

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    EC 14 vs EC20

    Y is EC14 considered a High Grade Lens item on Olympus site and EC 20 considered a standard grade, i would have thought it would be other way around.

    Any comments ??
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    Re: EC 14 vs EC20

    I think the EC14 is weather sealed and the EC20 is not

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    Re: EC 14 vs EC20

    Both are "dust and drip proof"...

    I have also wondered about the HG/standard designations...

    I've owned and used both and the only difference I've seen is in the additional loss of one stop with the ec 20. Then again, I haven't printed over 8 1/2" x 11".

    Cheers, Don

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    Re: EC 14 vs EC20

    I don't know the details of these two specific converters, but in general, more power equals more image problems like chromatic aberration and distortion. I have the 1.4x but have only used it very lightly and haven't done any serious image comparisons.
    Carlos Alvarez, Phoenix, AZ
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