I went on an outing last night to a local power plant and after I had finished up I tried a couple of shots at 3200 ISO to share here. This is on of the better ones. Compositionaly.LOL
I shot this hand held at 3200iso, 27mm f/3.5 at 1/60sec. I have noticed that on shots like this you have to nail exposure to cut down on noise and also banding. I shot this in Raw format and might have adjusted the exposure just slightly. My monitor isn't the best in the world so tell me what you see on your end. I am also noticing that longer exposures also create noise as well as higher ISO's. So if you are out night shooting keep the shutter speeds as fast as you can and still get the shot you want.
Night shooting is a whole different world. You really have to know your camera well to pull shots off. Being able to work the camera and knowing where all of the controls are without looking helps as well. Practice, Practice, Practice.LOL