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    E-3 successor? Anything on the horizon?

    I've been away for a while, so I don't know if this has been discussed before. I did a search and came up empty.

    Does anybody have the scoop on whether Olympus will be doing a successor to the E-3?

    It seems Oly is more keen on developing the M4/3 system cameras, and have not done anything significant to their dSLR line. It was a good idea to start putting the swivel screens on the E-30 and E-620 though.

    I just wish for something along the lines of the robustness and weather sealing of the E-3, but with a HD movie mode :thumbsup:
    (Is Oly even considering putting a movie mode on their dSLRs, or just keep it on the M4/3 cameras?)

    While I'm generally satisfied with my E-510, I'd seriously consider upgrading to something like what I said above

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    Re: E-3 successor? Anything on the horizon?

    I have read only rumors of a E3 replacement, maybe an E5. I have also read rumors it may not have a VF like the m4/3rds. But who knows? I am sure we will find out soon enough and also sure it will have a better sensor and better IQ than before.
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    Re: E-3 successor? Anything on the horizon?

    I have not heard anything either. However, I did read a review given by the head honcho at OlympusAmerica a few months back who said that the micro 4/3 developments would not take away from new 4/3 DSLR developments. Most manufacturers don't upgrade their pro lines as quickly as the consumer lines. So, I am sure they have had teams working on the E-3 replacement since the E-3 was released. I bet we will hear something sometime in the spring or summer. The E-30 and E-620 are so advanced that it did highlight the need to upgrade the E-3. So, hopefully soon. I am a fan of their smaller cameras personally (E-620 is the perfect balance of size and functionality for me), but the E-3 is still a sweet camera.

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