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    28mm f2.8 zuiko digital or OM 28mm F2.0?

    Hi All,

    Just start my interest in legacy lenses, I am think of getting a second hand OM 28mm f2.0 locally. However cost of getting it even excluding the o/m to 4/3 adaptor is still higher than a 25mm f2.8 zuiko digital. In terms of picture quality, anyone know which is a better choice? any suggestion ? Thanks!
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    Re: 28mm f2.8 zuiko digital or OM 28mm F2.0?

    I haven't shoot the 28mm specifically but have used several other brand lenses on the 4/3rd and m4/3rd mount. I am currently playing with an old Pentax 50mm. I would say use the digital version, why? The old lenses can be a PITA to focus for the lack of a focusing screen and the small finder on the Exx cameras, though the E3 is much better with it's larger finder. I think the digital lenses are sharper, Zuiko lenses are known for their quality and sharpness.
    With that said if you were looking for something like great bokeh or to do macro on a budget then an OM lens might be the best option. But if across the board the price was the same I would go with the newer digital lens. It is designed for the job and you will not have to worry as much with CA, lens flare or missing a shot due to manual focus or no focus confirmation.
    There is a lot of R&D work that goes into the designing of the newer lenses and the lenses are made for the task.
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    Re: 28mm f2.8 zuiko digital or OM 28mm F2.0?

    Remember also, that the angle of view with the legacy lens won't be a wide angle, but more like a standard 50mm in 35mm film terms. The only way to do wide angle on a 4/3rds body is to get a ZD or other 4/3rds lens, not a legacy lens.

    That said, I think going with a f2.8 version would be a better idea since generally those were sharper and can be had for less $$$. I have the 24mm 2.8 and it's easy to focus because of the field of view, brightness and inherent depth of field. Gary is right about difficulty focusing these through the viewfinder, but it's usually the longer focal lengths that give trouble, not these shorties. Of course that depends on your eyes and your viewfinder as well. On the E-30 it's fairly easy, but inside with a dark lens it's tough, even with live view.

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