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    What is your everyday routine?

    What does your daily routine look like, from waking to going to sleep?

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    Re: What is your everyday routine?

    I run every morning, it's the best way to feel more energetic. Then having my breakfast and work at home. Due to the pandemic, I spend more time at home so I decided to pay proper attention to my health. I exercise several times a day, eat healthy food only, and take vitamins from online pharmacy ca. Also, I want to try meditation but I don't know much about it. Who can share their own experience?

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    Re: What is your everyday routine?

    I usually use a face-editing app to make some fun.

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    Re: What is your everyday routine?

    6 a.m. - I generally wake at around 6 or 6:30 in the morning. Since I have to speak for around 56 hours everyday, I begin my day by having a cup of ginger infused hot water daily. I also meditate for a while.

    7 a.m - I plan my day by filling up my Daily Schedule Diary. This helps me keep track of my work (and my day).

    7:30 a.m : I sit with my father for about thirty-fourty minutes. This has been my ritual for about 5 years now. We talk about politics, sports and other general topics. I also keep him updated about my class schedules and other activities related o my teaching.

    8:15 a.m : I have my breakfast and rush to my studio to take prepare PPTs and other content for a while. If I complete content before the class I make sure I write small blogs on Facebook or Quora and interact with students on social media.

    10 am to 1 pm- I take classes on Unacademy and YouTube

    1:30 pm - Come back to home, have my lunch, take a power nap .

    3 pm- I talk to my content creators. Have meeting with my team. and dicuss the plan.

    4 pm- Run to studio to take the evening classes.

    7:30 pm- I return to home and spend time with my cousins/friends or watch TV with my family. They literally recharge me.

    10 pm: I generally have my dinner around 10. Post dinner (before sleeping) I make sure I read something. Currently I am reading this book by Robin Sharma.

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