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    What symptoms did you notice before being diagnosed with cancer?

    When my sister was 15 she weigh about 140 or so, she was kinda thick. Out of nowhere she began complaining about her joints hurting, she was tired and sleeping all the time and had really bad fatigue and was losing weight pretty fast. At first we thought nothing of it but when the symptoms persisted is when we took it serious and took her to the doctor. The doctor said she had sickle cell. That didnít sound right at all so we went to another doctor to get a 2nd opinion and it turned out to actually be leukemia.

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    Re: What symptoms did you notice before being diagnosed with cancer?

    Cancer is an important topic in medicine. The reason is that people age, and the older we are, the more cell mutations accumulate in our body, increasing the risk that we will sooner or later get one of the types of cancer. The best medicine that helps in the fight against this disease, I think fenbenlab it's best way to help you. My friend took these drugs and felt better.

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