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    Volunteer Photographers Needed

    This request is plain and simple, I need volunteer photographers for my website. I started ths site about 2 years ago to aid genealogists/family historians for my own county however it has expanded to the entire United States. I take pictures of cemetery markers for research purposes and reference.

    If you volunteer, I would note your name/email on the respective cemetery page and will scan any business cards you might have onto your page also.

    I am not going to post my website as I don't want to seem like this post is a shameless plug or spam for my site, my site is very new with an average of 15 hits a day but if I add more cemeteries and states then exposure will grow.

    If you are interested please contact me here or you can email me at

    Additional information:
    I am looking for people to photograph each individual marker in any cemetery where you live or travel. If you take a look at my site you can go to say the State of TN and look up Sumner county and then click on Alden. As you can see each marker is photographed and then the individuals are listed alphabetically. I don't care how large or small (I prefer the small cemeteries that are in danger of being lost) but I do require that each marker is photographed and that the data is readable when viewed. That is it, once a cemetery is done just forward the file to me in a zip folder, any website or business card information you want included on the cemetery page and I will upload it. I do need the city, state and county the cemetery is located in and also the closest approximate address for a map on the page.
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