Medical negligence claims in the UK

Medical negligence claims are a common way to get compensation for misdiagnosis. In order to make a successful claim, you must be able to prove that your doctor was negligent and that this negligence has caused you harm.
In the UK, medical negligence claims can be made against either the National Health Service (NHS) or private hospitals. However, there are some differences in how compensation is awarded depending on who provides treatment:
When can you make a misdiagnosis claim?

If you have been misdiagnosed, or if the doctor has not told you about the risks of a treatment, then it is likely that you can make a misdiagnosis claim.
However, before making any decision about whether or not to pursue compensation for your injuries and suffering as a result of a medical error, itís important that we take into account your age and current condition. If at all possible (and depending on how old or ill-health) we may be able to help get back on track with life without having to worry about money problems too!