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Thread: road biking

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    road biking

    I know a lot of people are into mountain biking. Anyone here into road biking?

    My story:

    when I was a teenager, my brother gave me his old JCPenney 12-speed bike. I absolutely adored that bike, and would ride around the neighborhood for hours to de-stress.

    Then I got married in 1987, moved to the top of a hill, and avoided biking because of that damn hill, which I wasn't used to (I grew up on flat streets).

    Divorced, moved the bike from place to place but never rode it, and finally threw the bike in the dumpster during a 1998 move.

    What a mistake! I moved to another flat street, missed biking, and decided to buy a new bike. Because it had been so long since I had ridden, and because I'd gained weight in the meantime (and had knee surgery), I went in feeling too cautious and allowed myself to be talked into buying a "new" hybrid bike.

    I had misgivings about that bike from the moment I brought it home. But it had cost me a whopping $500 or so, which was a LOT for a single mom, so I determined it was just my imagination and my state of UNfitness that made the bike so hard to ride. But I felt like I was constantly pedalling! If I stopped pedalling, the bike stopped. There was no "pedal fast and then coast" like I had remembered loving so much as a kid. I went back and complained, thought maybe it was the tire size, the tire width, seat height, I dunno. They kept convincing me that it was all in my head.

    Well I've had the bike for almost eight years now. I've rarely ridden it, although I've tried. It just hasn't been any fun, it's been almost a chore to ride!

    SO, about two weeks ago, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a new bike. A ROAD bike this time. (My, they're expensive.)

    WHAT A JOY!!!!!!!! The thing is light as a feather. I can pedal uphill and, while it's still challenging, it's easily endurable. And I can coast again!!!!!

    Now I look for excuses to go out. I live near a bike trail, and near the shore of Lake Michigan. I live in a community where everyone is out on their bikes in the summer.

    I am SOOO happy!

    Who else rides the road?
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    Re: road biking

    Well, we used to. Back when we lived in the city. Now that I live in the boonies....
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    Re: road biking

    I ride the road, but on my MTB. I try to bike to work 3-4 days a week, when its not raining. Then I usually have my wife drop me off at work, then I'll ride home in the rain since I have a blast out there, it makes me feel like a little kid again.

    Otherwise when there is a blue moon I have time to go play on the dirt and ride
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    Re: road biking

    When I do ride, it's on the road. I have a hybrid and I love it! My wife bought a new one this spring. I was glad she bought it because I knew if she wanted to go for a ride, she would guilt me into going too, and I need to be out there getting more exercise. Even with the new bike, we only rode a couple of times this year.

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    Re: road biking

    I've got a hybrid that I look at everyday on the way in and out of the garage. My daughter keeps reminding me of how I used to ride 100 -150 miles a week and weigh 25 pounds less. She might just be on to something. She already has a black belt in nag, so I might just have to hit the road again.
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    Re: road biking

    Quote Originally Posted by MJS
    She already has a black belt in nag

    LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol:
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    Re: road biking

    Me and the Mrs. got bitten by the road bike scene 2 years ago. Last year we bought new Trek's and logged alot of miles. We did the ride in cedarburg for the bicycle federation of wisconsin - the 60 mile ride. We had alot of fun doing it and a century ride was on the agenda for this year ..... then I changed jobs, went back to working nights and didn't get a chance to touch the bike at all this year (1 excuse after another). She rode hers here and there but nothing to the extreme we did the previous year.

    We rode almost daily the 1st year and were doing rides of 15-25 miles at least 4x a week. We bought the kid a road bike for xmas and it was a bit big for him this year. Hopefully next year we can get back into it as a family and log some miles again. We are out in the boonies too and prefer it to the city riding.

    Check out your local area for a bike club - they usually have daily rides at all different times to please any time and experience - also a nice way to meet other riders

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