A cat photographer is more than a photo taker.

As a Cat Photographer Minneapolis, you’re not just taking pictures. You’re an artist who can bring out the personality and energy of your kitty through their art. A good cat photographer can make even the most stoic feline look like they’re having a blast–because they are!
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How to get the most out of your cat photo session.

A cat photo session is a great way to capture your feline friend’s personality and showcase its unique habits. To get the most out of your appointment, here are some tips:

  • Bring your cat’s favorite toy. The more interested he or she is in it, the better! If you have multiple cats, bring each one’s preferred plaything.
  • Bring your cat’s favorite treat. You’ll want to give this treat immediately after getting home from the shoot so that it doesn’t become stale before you have time use it as part of your design process (see below).