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    Parental control software

    Do you use it for your children? How effective is it?

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    Re: Parental control software

    Yes, such programs and apps are really helpful for protecting children from possible web dangers and inapropriate content.
    They provide many functions, the main ones among them are monitoring and controlling children gadgets activities. The other important one is blocking all inapropriate content (like porn websites) according to filters the parents choose. Such programs usually work in a hidden mode and they're hard to circumvent too which makes them helpful in case of technically skilled teenagers too. Some of them have also additional functions of installing limits for general screen time, it's very helpful function for the small children.
    There are a lot of types of such software, the most popular among them are Net Nanny, Qustodio, Family Shield, Norton Online Family, Windows Live Family Safety and so on. Some of them can be used for free too, like free keylogger and some types of apps.
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    Re: Parental control software

    They are not omnipotent but in combination with antiviruses, some content filters they do their work pretty good. But you should such soft wisely. For instance, if we compare norton vs avast we'll see that the second doesn't support iOS which won't be useful for lots of children. Pretty complicated.

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