About Cat Photographer Near me

  • We’re a local cat photographer based in Minneapolis, MN.
  • We’ve been photographing cats since 2014.
  • Our work has appeared in the New York Times, Rolling Stone Magazine and USA TODAY.

Photographing cats is different from photographing other animals.

When you’re photographing cats, you want to think about how you can set up the environment for them. Cats are more independent and expressive than other animals–they don’t need as much direction from their photographer. In fact, if there is too much direction or control on your part it may actually make them uncomfortable and less likely to perform well in front of the camera.
Cats also have different personalities than dogs or horses (for example), so it’s important to understand what makes each unique feline tick before shooting with them!
What we do at Minneapolis Meow

At Minneapolis Meow, we take photos of cats. We make sure the cat is comfortable and happy before, during and after the shoot. We don’t force the cat to do anything they’re not comfortable with (unless it’s an artistic choice). We try to make sure that each session leaves both you and your pet feeling good about how things went – whether it was just a quick snapshot or something more elaborate!