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Thread: Laid Off

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    Laid Off

    I got laid off yesterday, I worked for Banc of America Specialists which is the stockbroker part of the Bank, I was in facilities. 20 positons were eliminated to make room for MERRILL LYNCH lowlifes, imagine that the company you work f buys a comapany basically going out of business and they replace you with one of thier's.

    Well I have alot of time to take pictures now, I am still on the payroll till June 29th then I get 8 weeks severance

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    Re: Laid Off

    I hope this mis-fortune leads to better things for you!
    Keep Shooting!


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    Re: Laid Off

    Yes, hope this leads to bigger and better things for you eventually. A former company of mine did the same thing - bought another co. and eliminated duplication by sorting by salary and then walking right down the list and laying off the higher priced folks. Sucks but, and not to make excuses for them, I guess if they're looking at the abyss that maybe they don't have a choice (no banks are doing good right now..) At least you will be there for 3 more months and then get some severance. And a lot more time to take some great photos (damn, I could use that right now)

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    Re: Laid Off

    I feel for you Mahopac. I'm in almost the same boat.
    I've been laid off since Feb 28th and with 11% unemployment rate Michigan isn't the best place to be out of work.
    Luckily they gave us 12 weeks worth of pay as a severance.

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