Most people have probably seen the news stories about the disappearance of Steve Fossett. He has done a lot of risky adventures in far corners of the globe, but on September third he was piloting his single engine plane in Nevada and never returned.

There's a project on the web where you can help the rescuers look for him - from anywhere in the world. Go to his website and click on "click here to take part". Basically, you look at a recent photo of an area 85m square (approx 278') and click on whether or not the image has something that is of interest. I've done about 50 of them so far and had two with strange objects. They're probably rocks, but I didn't want to make the call. Occasionally you'll have to type in the text shown in a box at the top but that's probably just to make sure that someone is actually looking at the pictures (not a robot). This site is part of Amazon and has all kinds projects you can work on, some for money too.

Obviously this isn't just for fun and games - don't click "nothing of interest" unless you really mean it. I'm sure the family and rescuers would appreciate the help. Pretty interesting way of helping, too!