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    What are the popular "laser" treatments for acne? Which one should we choose?

    Acne can be caused by a variety of reasons. superslot Most of them are caused by hormonal changes. Bacterial infection Propionibacterium acne Excessive use of skincare or makeup Inadequate rest and stress
    Acne treatment today There are both oral medications and lasers. In conjunction with adjusting the risky behavior of acne at the same time However, a specialist doctor should make a treatment plan.
    Acne Laser And the scars caused by acne today are carbon dioxide laser, Omnilux, innovative light therapy, V beam laser, Pico laser, as well as a new laser that can heal acne holistically, Harmony Acne Pro.
    Dr. Wilai Thanasarn-Aksorn, Dermatologist at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, identified acne as a common skin problem in youth. Which will gradually decrease As we get older, but in some cases, even after the age of 40, there are still recurring blemishes to bother you. Finding the cause and the right treatment will help with acne. It's just a small thing
    It is known that Acne is caused by an inflammation of the sebaceous glands (sebaceous). Usually, acne is found in areas with a lot of sebaceous glands, such as the face, upper back, chest, neck, shoulders or upper arm. (Black open head acne Or closed pimples, which can be seen as white heads under the skin), inflamed acne, red bumps (papulonodular) pimples, pustules (pustule) and elephant head acne. (nodulocystic) which these acne if not treated properly. A scar may follow. It is important to get proper advice from a healthcare professional in order to avoid any possible side effects.

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    Re: What are the popular "laser" treatments for acne? Which one should we choose?

    Sometimes loving yourself is much more difficult than loving someone else. Many people believe that there is absolutely nothing to love them for, that they do not deserve it. Although this is not true. And sometimes we just need to get rid of some defects in our appearance for a joyful realization to come - now I really love myself. And that's great.

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