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    Buying a new camera

    Well, I had my wonderful Nikon D50 for about 3 months and yesterday someone broke into my house and stole it.

    Anyhow I am looking to buy a new one. I would like to stay with the D50 but what is your opinion of a refublished camera? is selling the body for $399.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Buying a new camera

    I'm really sorry to hear about the break in. It is something that none of us should have to go through. I hope you had insurance that covered all your losses.
    As for the D50, my daughter and son in law have one that I really like, but I wonder about the build quality of the D50's. They dropped it from a low heighth and it broke a plastic piece in the back of the lens. If you get enough from your insurance, I would think you might want to consider something a little sturdier. Of course, nothing in the camera broke, so that may be a moot point with the body only. It was just the kit lens that broke. Anyway, I would wonder about buying a refurbished camera this soon after the model just came out on the market. It always makes me wonder. Also, does it still have any manufacturers warranty on it?
    Just some things for you to consider.

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    Re: Buying a new camera

    As long as Nikon refurbished it, and Nikon warranties it (not the store) then you should be OK. If this isn't the case, then I'd steer clear of it.

    Sorry to hear about the break-in...

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