Many women hurt their fans. Because of some ทางเข้า superslot words that they think they do not keep kindness at all While some women are very interested in the words of the male. Just being told about clothes They may immediately go back and change that dress. But in fact, the meaning that men want to convey to the woman they love may not be what they understand. So what does he mean? Let's try to decipher the words of "male" sex known as "From Mars"
"I love you" = This is the saying that all men I rarely dare to speak to each other. Because in the depth Every man knows that this is a promise. And expressing all my feelings towards you
"You are the most beautiful for me" = a quote that matches his mind. You are the most beautiful to him. And he wants to be the only one near you.
"I'm so tired" = Miss lady, don't understand that this phrase means weakness. But means Your man is doing his best to fight the obstacles. Without wanting to get help from anyone
"You're sure to wear this" = the meaning is just the words. And for you to explore again and again whether the outfit is appropriate for you and your work. And your man will go for the same dress to wear as well. But if you start to feel insecure You guys are ready to wait for you to choose until you are satisfied.
"What are you doing?" = If your man calls and says this, he really wants to know what you are doing. And calls to ask you like this because he misses you or wants to talk to you
"OK, what outfit are you going to wear?" = It's a very harsh question for men. And probably only one percent of men Who like to dress up When you have to date a guy like this. And have to face with questions like this He did so and wants you to be the same as him.
"What do you want to do?" = Sentences like this, the guy wants to tell you that He already thought what he would do. Just afraid you won't agree with his plan. So he wants to listen to your plan first. If they go in the same direction, they'll rush to what you have to offer, but if not, they'll have a hundred reasons to persuade you to do what they want.
"We'd better not go out today, right?" = If that's the case, then don't offend him. He just wants to be with the two of you. Sleep and watch tv together Or sleep lazily in bed with something like that
“I don't like your friends at all,” or “I don't really like your family” = in the meaning of the sentence you think this force is. It implies a feeling of concern for you. That he wanted to say “I feel you deserve better care from your group of friends because you are more valuable than you are. And it makes me feel like I don't like them. ”The same goes for your family. Because a man loves you and he wants to see you worth it. Receive good care from those around you Both from friends and family