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    Anything on the new D50

    So anyone hear if their will be a new Nikon D50 or a replacement and it s specs. Iam thinking of getting the D50 but want to know if I should wait a little any info. would be great.

    Thank You

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    Re: Anything on the new D50


    I've just reviewed the D50 and it should be up on the PhotographyReview Pro Review section. To give you a slight peek into the camera, I thought it was a fantastic little DSlr. Fast focus, and a pleasure to use.

    Nikon tends to keep the shelf life of thier series pretty long. Look back in a week, and you can read the full review. My suggestion would be to compare the D50 and the D70s based on price and performance.

    Thanks for coming to Photographyreview, and I hope you can read the review.

    Loren Crannell
    LC Photography
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    * Any photographer worth his salt has 10,000 bad negatives under his belt. - Ansel Adams

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    Re: Anything on the new D50

    It'll probably be around for another year at least, judging by how Nikon does things. Great camera from what I've heard - my only complaint is that it uses SD cards instead of CF, and I've got a collection of CF cards already.

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