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    Show Me Your Racoons

    I was out photgraphing a sunset last week, when a family of racoons came out, right on cue. The photo looks like snow to me, but it's really a muddy marsh at low tide with the sunset colors reflecting off it. Does anyone else have a racoon pic to share.
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    Re: Show Me Your Racoons

    No raccoons in the UK.
    But I hear they have them in Germany

    The "Nazi raccoons" headline is perhaps inaccurate.

    The first raccoons were brought from North America in the 19th century, Boyes reported, and their population grew by leaps and bounds when an Allied bomb hit a raccoon farm in 1945, scattering the animals.

    Times reporter Roger Boyes reported that "Vineyard owners across Germany are hiring bounty hunters to kill furry animals with a taste for grapes.
    Hunters are being hired to prevent a plague of raccoons with Nazi-era ancestry from munching their way through the German wine harvest."

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