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    Porcupine (and a flying rat)

    This might be the same porcupine I got pictures of last year up in a tree 100-200 yards from the tree I saw it in yesterday.. only have the 70-300, and with lots of tree limbs

    Last year's shot's, less trouble with tree limbs but underexposed the dark body

    Yesterdays' shots.. I purposely blew out the trees and sky a bit remembering last year's dark shots, I really should carry a flash in my pocket and/or get a better beamer to put on that flash for these types of shots.

    Funny that I had a bunch of people stop along the trail and to see what I was aiming at with the camera, when usually they just keep walking.

    The flying rat I mentioned also
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    Re: Porcupine (and a flying rat)

    Nice captures...second series is exposed much better!!

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    Re: Porcupine (and a flying rat)

    Much better exposure and sharpness this time around. Thanks for sharing them.
    Bob in Denver
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    Re: Porcupine (and a flying rat)

    Wonderful shots, Love that porcupine!

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    Re: Porcupine (and a flying rat)

    ya.. much better exposure. Look at the size of those claws!
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    Re: Porcupine (and a flying rat)

    Nice job, I keep an eye out for these fellows but so far haven't gotten a shot at one.

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