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    Netflix has released a new feature, 'Play Something', a random button to select

    If you don't know what to watch ... Netflix has put together a new feature, 'Play Something', a random button to select the content you like.

    “What will you look at today?” It is probably a question that many people เกมยิงปลา วิธีเล่น ask themselves on a regular basis. While spending time at the Netflix menu, I just can't decide what to watch. To love a Korean drama that was in tears the other day But regretfully, a giant movie that has just jumped up to the number 1 spot.

    As of today, this problem will be gone when Netflix has released a new feature "Play Something" with a "Play Content" button that will automatically select movies and series for members who choose to watch on their television screens. Do not waste time hesitating. Just press this button at once and you can easily enjoy your Netflix entertainment.

    The Play Something feature selects the content that the Netflix account holder would like based on their historical viewing history. But if the Choice Choices still doesn't resonate with you You can press the "Play Something Else" or "Play Other Content" button to change the subject immediately. Whether it's a new movie-series that has just entered Netflix, a movie that has been saved in "My List," or maybe it's playing a pending movie. To see each other without interruption

    Members can press the Play Something button under their profile picture. In the menu tab on the left side of the TV screen. Or if you are looking for a movie or series to watch Scroll down and you'll find the Play Something button on the 10th row. That's all, content and great stories. Will come to play automatically on the TV screen without much thought If you don't know what to watch, just press the Play Something button to find your favorite item. Whether it's a new movie this week Or you can go back and watch your favorite series that are still pending.

    For those using a screen reader to watch Netflix, the Play Something feature is also supported. You can visit the Netflix Help Center to learn how to set up and use this new feature.

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    Re: Netflix has released a new feature, 'Play Something', a random button to select

    Great TV show, hope it will be available on the Fox Nation. Anyways, I will use these contacts to find out more details, I am sure all the TV providers would like to get rights on it. Netflix shows are usually awesome, too.

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