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Thread: Meet Henry....

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    Meet Henry....

    Hope you dont mind me sharing him here.

    This big Elephant seal who was found at Pt Henry not too far from where I am! He since moved from Pt Henry and moved around the corner to Pt Lonsdale..just a little further away from here but not too far. Life guards have erected an electric fence because Henry has been found to menace the children on the nearby playground. 24 hr surveillance is being kept up to protect Henry from bullying and any other nonsense and also to prevent anyone from getting too close in case of attacks! I was fortunate enough to get close enough to get this photo of Henry and while doing so, one of the guards mentioned to me there is another seal not too far from this one who is not guarded!! Shhh, no one knows this 2nd fellow is here..only a few!

    This fellow, I got so close I could have stepped into the water and pat him (if he'd let me!!) Apparently this fellow has been quite aggressive to the fishermen. Growling and attacking at their little fishing boats!! He's also been known to sleep in some of the boats!!

    Officials are trying to think of a plan to shift both of these boys to a new home, where it will be safe for them and for locals!

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    Re: Meet Henry....


    Last I checked.... seals are wildlife, so WHY the concern ;)


    "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both" - Benjamin Franklin

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