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    Happy Mothers Bear Day

    Mothers Day! ⁣

    Today is a day we celebrate our mothers. We thank them for their sacrifice, hard work, protection, and love they provide us. Without them we wouldn’t have made it into this world. Thank you to all mothers. Who are you grateful on this Mother’s Day?⁣

    I am standing on the side of the river. A brown bear and her cub walked from the bushes and into the water towards my friend and I. She stops and thrashes her paws around under water. A moment later, she pulls a salmon up from the deep. Her cub swims quickly to her side hoping for some lunch.

    Katmai National Park with Canon 600mm F4 IS II lens

    Happy Mothers Bear Day-bearsmall.jpg
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    Re: Happy Mothers Bear Day

    I love this day, love the way mother bear takes care of her child. I remember there is a cartoon of Disney about brother bear but also have mother's love too

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