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    Cool Flowers - Leica Summarit 50mm f1.5 Bokeh

    Flowers - Leica Summarit 50mm f1.5 Bokeh-dsc09753-copy.jpg

    The bokeh of the Summarit is quite different from the Summitar's. The the swirl bokeh of Summitar.

    What do you think?
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    Re: Flowers - Leica Summarit 50mm f1.5 Bokeh

    I want to plant such flowers in the garden, does anyone know where I can buy them and how best to care for them?

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    Re: Flowers - Leica Summarit 50mm f1.5 Bokeh

    There are many flowers in my garden, including these. I bought them in an online store. The truth is that they need special care. If you still decide to buy them, then you should review garden planning. In this guide, you will find the necessary information on how to take care of flowers and in which place it is better to plant them.

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