Greetings everyone,

I spent the past three weeks travelling around Cuba. What a fantastic country!

I thought I'd start with the national bird of Cuba the Cuban Trogon or as it is known locally "Tocororo".

What makes the Cuban Trogon so distinct from other trogons is its crazy tail. In this image the bird was hanging out in a tree calling. All of a sudden another male flew in to the same tree and the bird I was focussed on did this crazy threat display showing off his tail feathers incredibly well. Awesome!

Looking forward to sharing more from Cuba soon!

Happy holidays everyone.

On a side note this was my first trip with the new 7D mark II and it performed really well :-)

Camera Model: Canon EOS 7D Mark II
Shutter speed: 1/400 sec
Aperture: 5.6
ISO: 800
Lens: EF600mm f/4L IS II USM +1.4x III