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Thread: Bugs..

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    A little different from my usual fare of birds and alligators. The fall insects are upon us, many many dragonflies, butterflies, and bees flitting around this time of year. We're just a few weeks from the monarchs showing up, so I'm looking forward to that, as well. All images with a D7000, 70-300 ED VR lens.

    A bee. He thinks he's eating, but what he's really doing is spreading pollen around!

    Dragonfly in sunrise light, probably 10 minutes after sunup:

    If I hadn't gotten this one, I would have had to throw my gear into the lake and quit. He hovered long enough for me to change lenses and mount the flash!!

    Gulf Fritillary:

    Common Buckeye:

    I didn't crop this one because I really like the highlights in the bokeh.

    1/60th, with flash, for big wing motion. The others are 1/250th.

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    Re: Bugs..

    butterfly's creep me out

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    Re: Bugs..

    butterfly effect ;)

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