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Jake Morson Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
Jake Orness Junior Member 0   Professional*No Selection* Digital SLR   Newbury Park, CA    
Jake star Junior Member 0   Professional*No Selection* Digital SLR   Scotland    
Jake'sMom Junior Member 2   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
jake.rohan Junior Member 1   Intermediate*No Selection* Digital SLR   Adelaide, Australia    
jake1812d Junior Member 0   Beginner  Point-and-Shoot   Vale of Glamorgan, Wales    
Jake1D Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot  Outdoor/Nature, Sports/Action     
jake456456 Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot       If you're looking for more information about Gullah, their culture, music and history. Just visit us on our website at
jake7363 Junior Member 2   Casual*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot   Willoughby, Ohio    
jakeaden8411 Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
jakebake Junior Member 1   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
jakebru Junior Member 0   Intermediate  Digital SLR   birmingham al, usa    
Jakecanfield Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot  Outdoor/NatureCoushatta, LA, United States    
jaked70 Junior Member 1   Intermediate  Digital SLR   Boulder, CO    
jakegr4y Junior Member 0   BeginnerMale Point-and-Shoot teacherSnapshotcanadabooks  simple and cute
jakeh1980 Junior Member 0 jakeh1980's Avatar BeginnerMale Point-and-Shoot Dentist Norwich, CT, United StatesReading, watching sports, listening to music, mountain climbing, animals.  Hi! Iím Jake Harleys, a Connecticut cosmetic dentist. I am a career-goal oriented type of person. Itís kind of a funny thing but I really like to deviate from what is the norm. I love to experience new things and learn many things from them. On weekend, I love to go to the beach and get inspirations from the fresh air and peaceful ambiance of the sea. I also love to travel to different places because it also widens my horizons. I usually go to movie theatres with my family and share family bonding at the beach. I love dogs but not their food. I even have a Chihuahua at home that was a gift for my 28th birthday.
jakehammphoto Junior Member 0   ProfessionalMalewhen i was very littleDigital SLRa 110 camera made by vivitarPhoto assistant/shooterSports/Action, People, Commercial/ProductCentreville, Virginia, USAMountain Biking, Backpacking, Snowshoeing, anything outdoorsy, Trailbuilding1dmark III 1d MarkIIN G12 16-36 2.8 II 28-70 2.8 70-200 2.8 pocket wizard various speedlights i went to RIT i love photography i love the outdoors why not mash the two together and call it a job?
jakehopsese Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
jakejames Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
Jakejette Junior Member 0   IntermediateFemale Digital BackUnited StatesUnited StatesSnapshotUnited StatesJakejetteP   
jakekrait Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
Jakeleapy Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot  Outdoor/NatureIceland    
jakeleon Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
jakelined Junior Member 0 jakelined's Avatar Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-ShootUnited StatesUnited StatesOutdoor/NatureUnited Statesjakelined   
Jakellie Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
Jakemerck70 Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot Businessman United States   smart and clever
jakemills Junior Member 0   Intermediate*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot   Abilene, TX    
JakeMoya Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
jakenic13 Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot   asdf    
Jaker. Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Digital SLR   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania    
jakerbug Junior Member 0   Casual*No Selection* Digital SLR   New Jersey    
JakeSimons12 Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot  Fine ArtNew york    
jakesnumberonegirl07 HouseWife and Loving it! 0   BeginnerFemale2005Digital SLRPentax ZX MHouseWife and Photography By LydiaPeopleLorena, TX, USA Canon Rebel XSiPentax ZX M 
jakesonee Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot   usa, CA, United States    
jakethepig Junior Member 9   Beginner*No Selection* Digital SLR   Preston, England    
JakeWilson Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection*2010Point-and-ShootJakeAircraft electricianOtherAtlanta   Hi I am an Aircraft electrician.
jake_ Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot  Outdoor/Nature     
Jakh Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
jakie Junior Member 0   Professional  35mm SLR  Sports/ActionAustralia    
Jakk Junior Member 1   Beginner  Point-and-Shoot  OtherSouth Jersey    
Jakkar Junior Member 31   Intermediate  Digital SLR   New York, NY    
jakki- Junior Member 7 jakki-'s Avatar IntermediateFemaleAbout 1994, I thinkDigital SLRMinolta Dynax 700siTeacher >_<Outdoor/Nature, PeopleOkinawa, JapanDesign, singing, learning languagesNikon D200; Nikkor 35mm 1.8; Nikkor 18-200mm 3.5-5.6; Nikkor 70-300mm 4.5-5.6  
Jakl Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
jaklin120 Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot   FRANCE    
JakLydaylok Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot  Outdoor/NatureUSA    
jaknap Junior Member 0   Professional*No Selection* Digital Back  PeopleDelhi, India    
jako18s Junior Member 1   Casual*No Selection* Digital SLR   United States    
jakobevers Junior Member 18   Professional  Digital SLR  Outdoor/Nature, Sports/Action, People, Snapshot, OtherValby, DK, Denmark    
jakolbale Junior Member 0   Intermediate*No Selection* Digital SLR   Florida    
jakonavitch Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
Results 601 to 650 of 7154