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bluefiredancer Junior Member 0   IntermediateFemale1978Point-and-ShootHasselblad Outdoor/Nature, Sports/Action, People, OtherCalifornia, USA Fuji Finepix 3800Practina 
bLuefLame Junior Member 0   Beginner  Compact Digital   Minnesota    
blueflame2007 Junior Member 0   IntermediateMale5 years agoDigital SLRFugi compactEngineeringOutdoor/Nature, Sports/Action, PeopleGranard, Co. Longford, Ireland.Gaelic FootballNikon d70s, Nikon d200, Nikon d300, Nikon p5100, Nikon F5, Nikon F100,Nikon D200lAID BACK EASY GOING,
BlueGal Junior Member 1   BeginnerMale1990Point-and-Shoot   USA    
blueGill2078 Junior Member 0   ExpertMale1990Point-and-Shootsony brandcomputer technicianFine ArtUnited StatesPlaying VolleyballentertainmentvideosA good man
bluegrrl Junior Member 0   ExpertMaleWhen I was twelve years old.Digital SLRPinhole Outdoor/Nature, People, Fine Art, Commercial/ProductLos Angeles, CATravelCanonHolga 
bluehear8 Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
Blueheaven22 Junior Member 0 Blueheaven22's Avatar BeginnerFemale1st yearPoint-and-Shoot        
BlueHornet Junior Member 0 BlueHornet's Avatar Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
BlueIce2k3 Junior Member 1   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot   Clearwater, KS, USA    
bluej Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
Bluej777 Junior Member 0   Casual*No Selection* Digital SLR   Lake Jackson, Tx    
blueknight96 Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Digital SLR   CA    
bluelens Junior Member 1   Intermediate*No Selection* Digital SLR   maldives    
bluelisoole Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot  Outdoor/NatureUSA    
Bluellaemit Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
BlueM00n Junior Member 2   Casual*No Selection* Digital SLR  Outdoor/NatureLos Angeles, CA    
BlueMagenta Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
Blueman1 Junior Member 0   Expert  Digital SLR  SnapshotLong Island N.Y.    
Bluemasi1 Junior Member 3   Expert*No Selection* Large Format  Outdoor/Nature, People, Fine ArtColorado    
Bluemusic Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot   Sacramento, CA, USA    
BlueniGuell Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot  Outdoor/NatureUSA    
bluenote2642 Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot       North Star Building Maintenance, Inc. is a commercial cleaning service located in Simi Valley who specializes in providing exceptional customer service at each of the accounts we provide commercial cleaning services for.
blueprintxz Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot  Sports/ActionUnited States    
BlueRabbit BlueRabbit 2   CasualFemaleDon't remember! I was a kid.Compact DigitalKodak Advantix. It was terrible.Artist's assistantOutdoor/Nature, People, Fine Art, SnapshotAll Over The Place, WisconsinArt, crafts, books, an array of music, my cat, coffee, nice wine and good beer. My main camera is a Canon Powershot A610. It's basically a point and shoot with a little extra. I'm quite happy with it, but I'm looking for something more serious.The classic Pentax. It's a cruddy hand me down, and sometimes I need to tape the film in place, but damn it, I love the thing.Art has been the one interest that has always held my attention. I grew up with Ansel Adams prints on the wall, and I still retain a fondness for black and white images. I focused my attention on printmaking in college, but I retained an appreciation for photography, and studied it mainly through trial and error. I am now trying to assemble a basement darkroom, with the enthusiastic approval of my housemates.
blueraid Junior Member 9   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot  Sports/ActionTN    
blueraZerie Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-ShootWaysideSankt Johann im PongauOutdoor/NatureArpuggs canada   
bluercekneess Junior Member 0 bluercekneess's Avatar Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot  Outdoor/NatureSenegal    
bluerdg Junior Member 1   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
BlueRob Senior Member 1,026 BlueRob's Avatar IntermediateMale Digital SLR ArchitectOutdoor/Nature, People, SnapshotMexicoMusicEvolt E-420 Zuiko ED 14-42mm Zuiko 40-150mm   
bluersOrems Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot  Outdoor/NatureLiberia    
bluesax Junior Member 1   Professional*No Selection* Digital SLR   Illinois    
BlueScar Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot  Outdoor/Nature     
bluesguy bluesguy 104 bluesguy's Avatar Beginner*No Selection* Digital SLR   USA Canon 30d Canon EF 70-200mm f4 L USM AF Canon EF 50mm f1.8 Canon EFS 18-35mm f3.5-5.6 Canon EF 28-135mm f3.5-5.6 IS USM   
blueshift Junior Member 0   Professional  Digital SLR   Boston    
bluesky Junior Member 8   Beginner*No Selection* Digital SLR   IN    
bluesky231 Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
Bluesman Junior Member 4   BeginnerMale1982Digital SLRNikon FGComputer ServicesOutdoor/Nature, Sports/Action, People, OtherPlano, Texas, USAmusic, readingNikon D40  
bluesman176 Junior Member 0   Intermediate*No Selection* Digital SLR  Outdoor/Nature, Peopleringwood, nj, usa    
Bluesman1952 Member 53 Bluesman1952's Avatar IntermediateMale1965Digital SLRYashicaRetired MusicianOutdoor/NatureScottsville, Virginia U.S.A.Guitar, Photography, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, FamilyNikon D70s/assorted lensesNikon 8008s 35mm I was born in NY and moved to Virginia in 1995. At family functions I was always the picture taker, even at a young age. This carried on with me over the years and now has become my main hobby over music.
bluespphire Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Other   india    
bluesrider Arton 5   IntermediateMale20 years agoDigital SLRPentacon sixwebmasterOutdoor/Nature, Sports/Action, People, Fine Art, Commercial/Product, Snapshot, OtherEuropeblues, playing guitar and keyboards, internet, webdesignCanon EOSSony Mavica CD500 
bluesteed Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
BlueStudio7 Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot        
bluetoula Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot  Outdoor/NatureUSA    
bluetribal Junior Member 4   IntermediateMale1998Point-and-ShootOlympus C5050 (1st real camera)Computer DraftsmenOtherSan Diego, CASnowboarding  I really enjoy shooting custom vehicles, the models are only a bonus.
bluettecrudge Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot  Outdoor/NatureArmenia    
blueviewcameraman Junior Member 4   ExpertMale194335mm SLRKodak BoxCamera 116retire Graphic Arts cameramanOutdoor/Nature, Fine ArtMansfield,Ohio,USAcookingOlympus OM system Bronica SQ AYashica Electro GSNStarted out as amateur 9 years as a USN photographer and lastt 40 years in Graphic arts as a color cameraman and commercial photographer. Now retired maintain a B&W darkroom as hobby
bluevision Junior Member 0   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot  Commercial/Product  Cctv camera, cctv lens, machine vision, Machine vision lens, Machine vision lenses, Machine vision camera, line scan camera, f mount lens, f mount lenses, line scan cameras, BMT, board camera lens, m12 mount lens, colour sorter, color sorter, colour sorter machine, image sensor, ccd image sensor, CCTV lens, 50 mm f mount lens, 35 mm f mount lens, ccd camera, camera lenses, BMT Lens, BMT Lenses. BlueVision Technologies Europe GmbH (BVT) is a leading Germany based company, The company is sister concern of "BalaJi MicroTechnologies Pvt. Ltd. India". We are privately held & unit of "B.B. Group of Companies". The group is into business since 1949. "We are supplier of high performance Machine Vision & Line Scan Cameras & precision Machine Vision lenses under our brand name "BMT" which is also known as "BMT Machine Vision lens ". Our company core interest lies in ITS/surveillance, Industrial/machine vision and medical imaging domain." The company also exports to several countries around the world.
bluewaterfever Junior Member 3   Beginner*No Selection* Digital SLR   naples florida    
Results 3451 to 3500 of 6378