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I have to admit that at present, wrist pain has a much higher incidence. The doctor found a patient suffering from wrist pain at the outpatient department most of the day. It can be from children, adults to the elderly, although this is not a contagious disease. But found very similar to a contagious disease
Causes of the tendonitis
Dr. Kriengsak, MD. Lek Kruasuwan Orthopedic specialists The Special Orthopedic Surgery Center, Level 2, World Medical Hospital (WMC) states that the cause of arthritic tendonitis is from prolonged use of a smartphone or tablet. And it was found that some patients' phones were larger than their hands, causing them to contract and use the tendons in the wrist abnormally, resulting in tendon inflammation.
The ligaments are the main components used to move the wrist and fingers. With this tendon being used very hard each day Doctors give a simple example: Playing a game that requires the thumb to press the screen of the smartphone quickly and continuously. This increases the temperature of the tendon by 10 degrees Celsius, a temperature that makes the tendon more vulnerable to injury. Therefore it is not strange that at present Found patients with locking finger syndrome at an early age. And you can see that arthritic tendonitis does not require heavy lifting or an accident. Repeated use can lead to inflammation.

Top 3 common Of tendon inflammation around the wrist
Thumb ligament This thumb ligament runs through the wrist and is most commonly used. Is 50 to 60 percent of that hand And must admit that the smartphone It is designed primarily for use with the thumb. This results in the symptoms of the thumb tendon inflammation most often. The inflammation can be at the base of the thumb or the wrist area.
Posterior wrist ligament Caused by tilting the wrist back for a long time, often with the right hand. Or the dominant hand That have to tilt to use a smart phone or tablet itself สมัคร AMBBET
Wrist ligament Which is the ligament used for flexing the wrist or fingers, this inflammation is usually found on the left hand Or a non-dominant hand This is because you have to hold the phone in a flexing position and bend your fingers for long periods