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    Will this fit in a LowePro Omni Sport?

    I'm looking for a compact camera case that can hold my equipment, yet still fit inside a hiking pack with room for all my camping gear on week-long treks. I don't have much in the way of camera gear -- Canon A2 with grip, 70-200, 17-35, flash, film, batteries is pretty much it. I found the LowePro Omni sport, but I can't tell what it's capable of holding. The next size up is the Omni Traveler, I believe, but smaller is better for me. Has anyone used either and can say how much they can carry? Or maybe there's an alternative? I know I can just toss the individual parts into the pack, but I'd prefer to keep it tidy since I'll be doing a lot of 'tossing' of stuff into the same pack. Thanks for any info.

    I'll be using a pack about 5000-6000ci more than likely. Internal frame.

    Edit: Has anyone had experience with the Crumpler Bunion bag inserts. That looks like exactly what I'm looking for, but I just need to know what size works for my stuff.
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    Great Handle!

    lol... I remember Toonces. That was about the time that afterward, SNL's writing became so bad I couldn't bear to watch anymore. I think that skit was around when Dana Carvey and Phil Hartman were still around, right?

    Anyway, I have one of the larger LowePro backpacks you can buy, and I will tell you, unless you have the world's most compactable tent and camping gear, there's no way you will get all that stuff into one camera pack.

    When going on multi-day treks, I use my huge internal frame Gregory backpack (designed for week-long camping excursions basically), load it from the bottom up with all my camping gear, and then I try to leave room at the top (but still protected by the framing) for my camera and one or two lenses (usually a 28-70 if I can take only one), which I wrap up really well in a soft towel or some such. Jerry-rigged, but still effective. And much better than carrying a hand-held camera case around at the same time.

    If OTOH, you're just doing a day hike and you want to carry some extra rain gear, food and such, the bigger LowePro packs should be perfect for that. The only real troubles I've had with packs like these is that they don't always handle / balance a heavy tripod in a good way. Just have to mess around with different configurations until you find one that works for your height / stamina, etc.
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    Yeah, I have two LowePros that are good, and a Tenba shoulder so I don't think I need another camera-specific bag. I do plan on packing lite with no cooking supplies, and bare essentials only. Once I find the pack I like, I'll try to work some magic to get it all to fit. I think the Crumpler is the more minimalist design so I may try it out.

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