Hiccup is an unpleasant symptom that frequently visits us. With the fact that this symptom is annoying Until disappearing, playing makes us tired Causing different people to try and find different ways to cope with it Since drinking water and holding his breath shocked myself And many more ways to do it to get rid of the hiccups Most of the time, hiccups will resolve on their own after a while. But there are also some people who do not stop hiccups The hiccups never go away.
Most often, hiccups happen all the time. And often come unexpectedly But besides the hiccup, it will come without a bag and a flute Many people are still very skeptical. Why I have to hiccup every time after eating spicy food, so Tonkit360 takes everyone to solve the mystery of why. "Some people hiccup every time they eat spicy food."

What causes hiccups?
Hiccup is a common symptom that can affect people of all ages. Happen from time to time In general, hiccups are not dangerous. If it is, there is nothing to worry about. Because the reason that caused the hiccups It is often the result of everyday behaviors that we can avoid. It's mostly the behavior that causes gas in the stomach. The hiccups soon disappeared on their own. But while it was being, it was annoying. And suffering quite a bit if these symptoms last a long time
Hiccups occur with two major organs involved: the stomach and the diaphragm. The mechanism occurs when the stomach becomes irritated and causes a sudden malfunction. Resulting in nearby muscles like the diaphragm That is between the chest cavity and abdomen, contracting rapidly as well. This contraction will result in us breathing rapidly. But the incoming air is superslot trapped by the vocal cords around the throat. That shut down immediately from the contraction of the laryngeal muscles Causing a sound of hiccups to sound
In general, there are two types of hiccups: short hiccups. That happens often, soon it will disappear, usually less than 48 hours, but if longer than that. Will be a continuous hiccup Which the latter type of hiccup is not common And if symptoms enter this stage, they should be treated This is because this may be a sign of health problems.