According to the news on several occasions that some "runners" die while running, although they are likely to be physically fit because they are runners. And ran several times. Sanook Health has the answer from Dr. Thatchaphong Ngamukos, Department of Cardiology. Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University As described in the clip of Rama Channel as follows
Why a "marathon runner" dies while running?
The cause of death of the runner is several. Depending on the physical condition of the runner, while running, the heart's heart beats very fast. Until unable to squeeze the blood supply to the body Causing sudden death from atrial fibrillation too fast
Thick heart muscle
The majority of runners or athletes younger than 35 who died. Often the problem of “Thick heart muscles” are at risk of heart beating easily. At the time the body superslot secretes more adrenaline hormones.
Coronary artery
For people over 35 years of age, it is most likely to have a stroke. It may occur in patients with underlying diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure. High blood fat, etc.
Myocardial infarction
For some patients younger than 35 years of age who have developed atheroma. On a good day, the fat stuck in the blood vessel causes a wound, causing a blood clot to clog. Causing sudden embolism Causing myocardial infarction