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    telegram error while sending image

    i want send photo stored on my server bot getting error:

    CouldNotUploadInputFile in CouldNotUploadInputFile.php line 29: Filename not provided for Remote or Resource file uploads require a filename. Refer Docs for more information.

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    Re: telegram error while sending image

    You will have to ask telegram developers how to post images.

    You can also ask the author of the script to help you. Most likely you will need to convert the image into a format acceptable to the web site or try to download the new version of telegram which will mostly fix your problems..

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    Re: telegram error while sending image

    Maybe filename contains unrefistered symbols, like *?%^ and others and Telegram app can not load it.

    Also you can try to use VPN or Proxy or search your error here
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    Re: telegram error while sending image
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