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    Should I use my tripod?

    I just got my tripod, and I've tried it out - but still not 100% comfortable using.

    My friend is eloping on the beach next week (has a big wedding and reception planned for October - but needed to elope for legal reasons).

    Wasn't going to get a photographer. It's just the bride, groom, sister and officiant. So she asked and I agreed.

    It's on the beach arounf 6pm. I'm shooting with my Rebel and I'm probably going to use my 18-55, 100-300 and maybe my 50mm. I'll also use my 550 EX. Should I used the tripod? I'm worried that I'll be more concerned with the tripod than the pictures.... but I want the pictures crisp and clear... any thoughts???


    (yes, I have backup cards, batteries, and I'll bring my Elan + some film for just in case).
    Feel free to edit and repost any of my images.

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    Re: Should I use my tripod?

    I just did my first "pro" wedding last weekend, and I had the same thoughts as you. I choose not to use my tripod. I now feel that I made a poor choice. I know the tripod would have made things much easier for me for the group shots. If I do another wedding, I will use my tripod.

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    Re: Should I use my tripod?

    I'd say that you should bring it and have it close at hand if you need it, but you might not in a case like this. They're almost necessary for available light shots inside a church and can be great for formal pictures to help keep everything vertical, but other than that a tripod just might get in the way. Sounds like you'll have enough light to not have to worry about it.

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