If you remember, since the 'Canon EOS R5' was released, there were rumors that Canon would make a high-resolution model of the EOS R5. Some say it may have a resolution of 80 million pixels at all. Or maybe it will touch the level of 100 million pixels.

Canon Rumors website reports that Canon has not yet decided which sensor to use in the new high-resolution RF cameras at this time. To represent ทดลองเล่นสล็อต the 'EOS 5DS' and 'EOS 5DS R' DSLRs, which may have a resolution of up to 100 million pixels, in order to clearly distinguish them from the regular EOS R5 at 45 million pixels. Own

The same source also said Not only the EOS R5, but also a high resolution camera focused on landscape and other studios. But this is still just a rumor in the future, will Canon really release the high resolution EOS R5? Or how many megapixels will you use a sensor Come and wait and see.