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Telephone signal Increase the risk of brain cancer?
Is a belief And rumors that have been passed on to the Internet for a long time On the subject of danger reserve the cellular signal on the brain. To the point that “Don't put it next to your pillow when you sleep.” In fact, cell phone signals do not have any harmful effects on the brain. And the current study results Also said that the normal use of the mobile phone It doesn't cause brain cancer either.
Teacher Jessada stated that from the page of the cancer research organization Of the United Kingdom, Cancer Research UK has clearly stated that “The best scientific evidence exists. Showed that Using a cell phone does not increase the risk of cancer. "
Cancer Research UK also stated that It doesn't have a good explanation, but how? That cell phones can cause cancer Electromagnetic waves in the form of radio signals That is sent and received from that mobile phone Is radiation without charge (non-ionising radiation) and is also very low. This non-ionic radiation does not have enough energy to damage DNA. เล่นเกมได้เงิน Therefore can not cause cancer directly
This is in line with the American Cancer Society's organization considering various research studies. That studies the relationship between cell phone use and brain cancer And concluded that Until now No human research has shown a strong link between cell phone use and cancer. (But also noted that Yet it cannot predict the decades-long effects or effects on children. That use mobile)