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    Problem with my SD card. Please help me.

    I have very serious problem. My photos on my digicam got corrupted or something. I was looking at my photos in my digicam that time, then I accidentally turned off the camera(which was I think normal.) But when I opened it up, all my photos were gone.

    Their was a software on my SD card that time, also I took photos(never knew that it may things get worst)after the photos gone. I was hopping I can recover it by looking at the computer so I continued taking photos. But when my I checked it on the computer, all of the photos suddenly gone. And I was really in a big trouble. I tried using a SD recovery software but right now, I don't have laptop and the computer I'm using don't allow me to install any software, so I can't check if my photos are possible to recover

    Here is the screenshot of my SD card, something unknown to me appeared.

    (Right now I can't post any photos/link. I'm newbie here, I'll update it in the very near future. Meantime, you can see the photo by going to FLICKR and SEARCH > Problem SD Card(Please help me) > and the photo with the folder showing with my name LOUIS MESA appearing below, that's the screenshot)

    Can anyone give me information about this? Anything will be very helpful.

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    Re: Problem with my SD card. Please help me.

    Go and download Zero Assumption recovery - it's free, and one of the best image recovery tools I've use.

    You've probably already trashed part of it, by continuing to take photos.
    Go flip the LOCK slider on that SD card now, so you can't make it worse.

    The paid-for version of ZAR will recover other kinds of file too, if you need to try to recover the software.

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    Re: Problem with my SD card. Please help me.

    Note you can use almost any file recovery programs - as the SD, CF, and most other cards us FAT 16 or FAT 32 file systems. But YOU do not want to write to the card at all because you may over write your images which makes the over written images non-recoverable! You may have to run CHKDSK but do not put in the /f switch but as a last resort as you can lose images. (last resort is after recovery programs like "Zero Assumption recovery" has failed.

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