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    printer cable forb fuji PG 3500CE

    Need a printer cable for Fuji phot machine model PG 3500 CE which is 50 pin and 25 pin.I am based in Ethiopia.Where can I get the above mentioned cable??

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    Re: printer cable forb fuji PG 3500CE

    The references I found say that you need a SCSI-2 interface cable. You might check with a local computer expert, or contact Fugi directly by email or on their website.


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    Re: printer cable forb fuji PG 3500CE

    You need to have a SCSI-1 or 2 interface card with external output connector, and if you can find an SCSI cable with the correct mating connectors, if the SCSI connect is a 25 pin connector can us an old MAC/MAC+ SCSI cable you would be set. The cable is available online or by mail order also.

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