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    Preferred paper for landscapes

    What do you all prefer for landscape prints, glossy, semi gloss or matte?

    Thanks for responding.
    Horace Best
    Goldsboro, NC

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    Re: Preferred paper for landscapes

    Glossy but then I prefer glossy for most things. You can see the detail more clearly, like looking through a window.

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    Re: Preferred paper for landscapes

    For any thing framed I like to print on matte paper. Glossy for any thing that is going to be handled as glossy paper is less likely to be damaged by handling. But on glossy paper make sure your ink and paper will not color shift. I've had Blue blacks and red blacks on different brands of paper!

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    Re: Preferred paper for landscapes

    The main reason to use glossy paper is it has more contrast and gives you deeper blacks. The more reflective a surface is, the more light it reflects, giving you a wider range of shades. Matte paper is very low contrast compared to glossy or even semi-gloss. For landscapes, I think you want a wider range of tones and very deep blacks. But glossy can have problems with reflections. For that reason, I prefer semi-gloss for prints. I think it offers the best balance of reflection control and contrast.

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