So here's my issue: I'm trying to find the perfect camera for me at the moment. I'm sure that there are multitudes of others like me.
At first, I thought that an entry-level DSLR was good for me, they were within my price range. But when I added lenses that I knew were good quality and that I wanted, it ended up being a bit more than I wanted to spend.
So now I am turning my attention to DSLR-Like "bridge" cameras. They offer more optical zoom as well - something I need. And they are significantly cheaper as well. I am not looking for compact-ness whatsoever - I am fine with a large camera. The camera I use at the moment is a Canon PowerShot S3 IS, a very old camera in P&S terms. And I am open to any brand.
With this in mind, please help me find my optimal camera with these stats below. I am aware a camera will not have all of these features, but just for general purpose I am listing them I have categorized them into Most Important, Important, and Least Important. THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE FOR ANY RECOMMENDATIONS

Most Important:

Image Stabilization -
I have terribly shaky hands for a young person and I am working on strength a bit to hopefully increase steadiness
Over 30x Zoom - I take a lot of wildlife photos - the Canon camera's 12x zoom isnt cutting it right now. I am aware of canons 65x zoom camera, but from reviews I have seen it doesn't have great image quality.
GPS - I travel a lot - having GPS geotag my photos would be ideal.
Greater than 12 MP - Canons 6 MP is great, but for printouts I could really use much better.
Auto mode as well as Manual Controls (M,A,T, etc) - I admit to still being a newbie - As I learn and play with manual controls getting ready for my future DSLR I would like to have a good AUTO option for quick photography
Great Macro Photography - Macro is probably my utmost favorite type of photography and a lens that takes good macro shots is essential - sadly, in P&S cameras generally you have to get super close to the subject - something that both scary (if it is an insect like a spider) and annoying if you cannot shoot without blocking sunlight or casting a shadow into your shot. [Anyone have any suggestions?] Is there any P&S that allows you to take close up macros from far away like the Canon EF 100mm L Macro Lens?


Greater than (or less than , depending on how you look at it) f/3.2 - Would like to shoot night scenes once and a while
Decent Sensor Size - According to P&S of course - I'm not asking for full-frame, too expensive anyways.
EVF - an EVF is much preffered than other VFs

Least Important

Decent performance at high ISOs - A lot of cameras fail in this category, again with wanting to play with manual settings and taking night shots and even general shots with minimal to no noise [or grain] would be great. I think this one is quite obvious though.
Filter Acceptance - I believe some P&S cameras accept filters, this is one of the least important factors in my buy, I will be fine without it, but i would love to play with polarizer filters and such as well.
Fully articulated LCD screen - again, not a necessity, just a preference. Its nice to be able to face the camera from the front and see what you are doing - also great for awkward shots. I will buy a camera with just a tilt-screen though if it has all the main things listed.
Ability to take short time-lapse videos - This would be the only form of video I would ever do. I could care less about video options in cameras. And the time lapse would be short, max 5 days. Again not a necessity whatsoever.
Long-exposure captures - not sure if the correct terminology is long exposure or long shutter - I need at least 30 minutes to take, for example, a star photo with earth's rotation affecting it.
WiFi/NFC - not a necessity, only it would be nice to have.

Any suggestion is welcome. Again, I am aware I will not find a camera with all these specs but a good camera with most of them would be great.