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Our appearance affects the perspective of others. Especially in Japanese society It is not a novelty in which people feel they are always expected to look good in any situation. As a result, the Japanese people of this era have used different methods. And invest in your own image Plastic surgery itself is another option that is attracting more and more Japanese attention. In the past
Surgery at higher levels during COVID-19
During the detention period of Japan The number of surgery patients is much higher than before, the 23-year-old nurse told Kyodo News.
"There are many people who want to undergo facelift eye surgery."
ôSome parents come in to receive services together with their children. To do double eyelids "
This is probably partly due to the fact that the time spent at home is the perfect time to have surgery. Due to having time to recuperate and not have to go out to see anyone ambbet

Interested in foreign surgery
Japanese people are interested in plastic surgery in South Korea. Because foreign surgery is inexpensive And the results still come out good
GNG Hospital Global in South Korea is another Japanese option. Even the video below is a promotional video for the hospital. But we will see the effort of traveling by a young Japanese plastic surgery consultant for the third round of rhinoplasty to foreign countries.