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    Photo hosting website

    Does anyone know a good site when i would be able to sell some of my pictures and the site disables the right click on a mouse? i know free webs is good but i don't no any css to make a good website

    any suggestions or advise for me?

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    Re: Photo hosting website

    Quote Originally Posted by Mitch45
    Does anyone know a good site when i would be able to sell some of my pictures and the site disables the right click on a mouse? i know free webs is good but i don't no any css to make a good website

    any suggestions or advise for me?
    Most sites that do sell photos will typically have them watermarked or at such a small DPI that printing them will look far too grainy.

    A "no right click" script is a false sense of security, it just keeps the honest people out.

    If you turn off your JavaScript in your browser, and you can right click all you want. Also, check through your browser cache, and you will notice most of those "no right click" photos will be there also. The mere fact that your are allowing a potential customer view them, means that they will have a digital copy of it somewhere on their machine. If they really wanted to, doing a screen capture (alt-prtscrn) will copy the contents of the screen to your clipboard.

    So, really the only thing that you can do, is make what you are displaying are useable enough so they get the idea of the photo, but are not good enough to be used. Either post the thumbnails at a low enough DPI/resolution to be not very useful to print or watermarked enough that they wouldn't use them without purchasing them.

    As for particular sites to sell photos on, I couldn't really comment, but I'm sure some of the others will chime in.

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    Re: Photo hosting website

    Totally agree with what xystren stated about security for your work, his advice is spot-on.
    That said, check out threads like this one
    In fact, browse through the whole Photo Business and Law section of this site, lots of good pertinent information regarding your question!

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    Re: Photo hosting website

    Check out They're a brand new site that just came out of Beta. I've been using their site for 3 months and I have to say it's fantastic. It's easily the most secure photo hosting site I've ever seen. They watermark everything, use a clear .gif protector over your image (thus, right clicking only saves that blank .gif), and you even have the option of disabling and/or reviewing all links to your photos. The only way I've found to get to a photo on their site is via Firefox's Page Info / Media button, which requires a fairly sophisticated internet user - and of course even then all they get is a low res ~500pix watermarked image.

    As far as selling, you get 80% of the profit over their base prices, which are quite low on most print sizes. And what's totally unique to their site, you also get a cut of their advertising revenue based on the number of views your photos get per month. In other words, you don't even need to sell a photo to make (a little) money. And you get your own URL.

    If you'd like to see what it looks like, check out my profile:

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    Re: Photo hosting website

    I am a small business entrepreneur so I would like to advise you on one innovation that I have recently applied in my business. In order to make the work of my employees more convenient and easier, I decided to create a cloud server in which they can work. helped me with this. They have been building and leasing cloud servers for several years now and have helped a lot of entrepreneurs scale.

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