Meet joker the strange papaya Germinated coconut trees Villagers flock to ask for lucky numbers. Get lucky draw on October 1

The reporter reported that (29 Sep) Mrs. Rungrat, 59, the owner of the house number 89/1 Moo 7, Thung Subdistrict, Chaiya District, Surat Thani Province, and her son pointed out to see the papaya tree growing in the coconut. Area under the tamarind tree beside the house Which is being of interest to the villagers Let joker the parade come to see and ask for lucky numbers continuously

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By the papaya tree trunk about 1 month old than germination emerged from the end of the dried coconut that died on the ground. It has a strong trunk, about 80 centimeters tall, with 11 petioles around the tree, joker with nine complete green petioles and 2 yellow petioles with roots spread inside the coconut Creating strange and dreadful for the villagers to see very much

From inquiries, Mrs. Rungrat, 59, the owner of the house revealed that he has a career in opening a restaurant with his son in the area. Name of the shop In the past, the area next to the house was covered with overgrown grass. Until about 1 week ago Has cut the grass in that area

At first glance, I saw a papaya tree growing near the coconut. At first I didn't care. Many days ago When walking through the said point Saw the papaya tree grow bigger and bigger And when clearly observing It was found that the papaya was growing jokerfrom the end of the coconut. And has expanded roots covered in the coconut Creating a lot of weirdness

However, when the neighbors heard the news, they flocked to see Some put the powder on the coconut and papaya trunk. To ask for numbers to gamble according to the beliefs Ready to shoot photos and clips that are published quickly

However, for numbers that have been seen similarly such as 985, 658, 91,38, 58, depending on the beliefs of each person. I do not want to be ignorant. Because the cause of natural phenomena Like that It may happen for many reasons. But when it happened, it was considered jokera peculiarity. And personal beliefs for ordinary people