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    Off-Camera Flash

    I have a Nikon D90 SLR and an SB600 flash unit. What Nikon flash unit is available to be fired off-camera with my D90? The SB800? The SB900? Will my D90 fire either of these without any additional equipment? What if I got two D800's? Would it fire both of these at once off-camera, or do I also have to buy a "whiz-jig" also? If I bought another SB600, what else would I have to buy to be able to fire both of these off-camera? I am thinking I will need dual off-camera flash to get into wedding photography. Your comments?

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    Re: Off-Camera Flash

    Find out if the D-60 supports the Nikon Creative Lighting System. If so the pop up flash will trigger the SB-600 as a slave. If not you will need an SB-800 or 900 as a master to trigger the 600 as a slave. The 600 will not function as a master in the Nikon system only as a slave.
    The other option is to go with Pocket Wizards or one of the other radio trigger systems. The Nikon system works, but is finicky. Wizards are a more reliable way to go. More expensive too.
    Being a sports photographer I don't shoot weddings so I can't comment on that aspect of your question.
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    Re: Off-Camera Flash

    The D90 does support CLS.

    I have never seen a wedding photographer using multiple flashes. You are usually moving around a lot to follow the couple and that means being mobile. Having extra flashes on lighting stands is going to slow you down.

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    Re: Off-Camera Flash

    Based on my limited experience with weddings and off camera doesn't work out well. For posed shots sure, but the rest of the time you're moving, moving, moving.
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    Feel free to edit my images for critique, just let me know what you did.

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