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Thread: Need help!

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    Question Need help!

    I've been looking to upgrade my Canon XSi for some time now. I finally have enough money saved up, and am ready to take the plunge, yet I just haven't ordered yet! I'm ready to go, and excited... then I decide to read a little more, do some more research, etc etc. This has been going on for too long, haha.

    So, I was looking between the 60D and the 7D. I've pretty much decided on the 7D, even have it in my "cart" ready for check out. I decided on the 18-135mm lens with it. (I have a 50mm 1.8 on the way, and will be getting a wide angle in the next month or so).

    And then I start questioning everything again. I'm sure it's because it's such a big purchase for me, and I've been saving for a good while.

    My thoughts, and this is where any guidance and/or suggestions are much appreciated!: Which one is better for me? I'll be doing portrait photography, mainly (couples, maternity, families, newborns, inside and outside). I'm interested in moving towards wedding photography eventually (doing the occasional wedding), and also real estate photography (random, I know). I want something fast, good quality, and good in low light. I want a camera I can use for years to come, not planning on trading it in anytime soon (unless of course I strike it rich with excellent photography skills, and tons of clients).

    I guess I'm just looking for reassurance that my decision of the 7D is a good one. I also have been planning on buying new, because that's what I've always done, and I like knowing where my stuff has been/what it's been through. Then I think about going used, and using that extra $$ towards the wide angle lens. I'm just worried I'd get a defective/beat up camera and regret not just spending the couple-few hundred more for a brand new one. Thoughts?

    Thank you for any input!! :]

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    Re: Need help!

    The 7D is aimed toward sports and action photography. It has an advanced auto focus system with many focus points, and fast shutter that is capable of a very high frame rate. It's a great body, I own one, I am just wondering if it's right for the photography you do, it will do a great job, but you probably don't need the advanced AF and high frame rate. One of my biggest problems with my 7D is that if I even slightly underexpose the photos are very noisy.

    The 60D is now Canon's logical upgrade pathway to the rebel series. It's a slightly "dumbed" down version of what was the xxD series, Canon has basically gone to a 4 tier series now with rebel, xxd, xd, and 1D.

    With your type of photography, if it were me I'd look toward the 60D or a full frame body such as the new 6D or 5D. I know it's a big jump to full frame, but FF lends itself perfectly to portraiture and weddings.
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    Re: Need help!

    Not a Canon shooter, but I would think that the flip out LCD alone would make the 60D way better for what you want to shoot. - Terry
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    Re: Need help!

    Just my 2 cent's wroth:
    What you upgrade to should not be determined by your current camera unless you have an large investment in optics.

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