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    Question Need an external flash rec.

    BTW, these forums are the best I've found on the web for photography criticism and tips - thanks in advance.

    I'm a web designer and graphic designer by trade but recently purchased a Sony F717, which I'm totally enjoying. I'd love to add an external flash that (a) gets the job done and done well, and (b) is fairly affordable.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for the flash? What would you buy if you owned the Sony F717?
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    Sony makes their own dedicated accessory flash, the HVL-F1000. It has a proprietary connection using a mini-plug to communicate with the camera.

    Otherwise you can use a non-dedicated non-TTL flash such as the Vivitar 283, but you have to manually set the camera's aperture.

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    I'm not familiar with your camera but I have had two Vivitar 283 flashes for many years and they work well and are also a very strong flash. They will adjust for wide angle, regular, and telephoto lenses. They will also allow you to adjust the strength so you are able to control the F stop and depth of field

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    I suggest you avoid the Sony flash. Besides the fact that it's underpowered and only somewhat compatible with the 717, it is also a dead-end product.

    Get one of the Vivitar 283s, with its built-in thyristor you can leave it on auto and it will almost always nail the exposure. That's how I used my Nikon SB series with that camera. Plus, when you upgrade you'll be able to use that flash with other cameras, something the Sony prohibits you from doing.

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    CORRECTION!!!! I have the Vivitar 285 not the 283. The discription is correct for the Vivitar 285. Sorry about that!! I did have a 283 at one time. I do use the rubber lens shades and the UV filters in all normal use. These will not fix your color problem just help protect your lenses.

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