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    Question Missing CD Rom disk with purchase of Camera

    I have got a Fujifilm Finepix J10 Camera, I cannot find a CD Rom software Disk for it anywhere, should I have received on of these in the Box? I purchased almost 2 years ago now, I have the box and all the wires however no disk available. I am not finding it a struggle to be able to load photos from camera onto PC..... Can any one give any help or advise please

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    Re: Missing CD Rom disk with purchase of Camera

    Well I wouldn't load direct from the camera to the PC.
    A card reader costs only 10 or so from Maplin and it saves the wear on teh camera connector, doesn't rely on the camera battery, and most work faster then the PC to Camera link.

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    Re: Missing CD Rom disk with purchase of Camera

    If you really want the manufacturer's software, go to their website. It might be a free download, or you might have to pay a nominal fee to get it. The website should be listed in the owner's manual.

    I agree on using a card reader. Windows will recognize the files and you can copy then to your hard disk. After checking that the files are ok, then erase the card. You can get photo editing software easily, prices range from free to very expensive. Stick around here, you will learn a lot, as I have.

    Good luck with your camera.

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