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    Angry loosing wb when shooting in studio D300s

    :mad2: Hi guys any help here would be much appreciated.

    Basically when in a studio setting with my Nikon D300s I can shoot around 100 frames then all of a sudden the studio light will fire as normal but my camera shows a black screen and the picture after the black screen shows that the colour has changed and I need to redo the whitebalance in order to continue shooting properly. Now do you think my sync cable needs changing, my lights or is there something wrong with my camera, as I said once I reset the WB everything is fine again, its just a pain in the butt having to do this each time, any info would be much appreciated. It may just be a setting on my camera, but i really don't know!!

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    Re: loosing wb when shooting in studio D300s

    I dont know how much help I can be as I'm not a D300s user.

    It sounds like you are using the WB that ties in from the strobes through the sync cable? Maybe its a matter of the signal being interrupted or disrupted somehow and the WB signal from the strobes may be resetting, or something? Maybe just try either custom setting it by shooting white, or manually set to ~ 5600k.

    Maybe I'm way off base here though, hope that helps.
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