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    Long Term Time Lapse

    So I got a project in mind for a long term time lapse. A Marriott is going up downtown and ground is being broken next week. I have talked to some city officials and they are going to keep me posted on the start of construction.
    The camera I bought for the project is a Brinno.

    Brinno Time Lapse Camera TLC200

    It's made specifically for time lapse. The batteries can last up to 120 days depending on how many pictures I set it for taking over time and can capture up to 200, 000 plus images. The largest card it can hold is 32 gig.
    I have an abundance of places to place the camera and get a full view of the hotel going up. But my issue is math. How many pictures should I try for in one day? The total project will take 14-18 months to complete. I am sure the main structure will be up long before that. Most time lapse run around 25 fps. The Brinno completes the time lapse video, in other words I can't see each frame or edit single shots. The output will be video. It comes set to 10 FPS.
    Has anyone done long term time lapse and can you give me some tips on how many pictures to shoot say per day, hour ect.
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    Re: Long Term Time Lapse

    I don't have any advice but that sure sounds like a cool project. I'll be interested to see how you do it and how it comes out!

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